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TECH NEWS  Nov 30, 2020 21:33
The year 2020 has seen an important increase in reselling hacked network access. It only takes one workstation inside your company, for a hacker to come in. Once inside, he can then resell the entry path to other cybercriminals. This illustrates the importance of protecting your business network, now more than ever.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Nov 29, 2020 19:17
Marketing is paramount for business success, without it, there would be no sales and hence no company to run. According to a recent Gartner Research Study large companies, with annual revenues exceeding $10 billion U.S. dollars allocate on average 11.6% of their marketing budget to digital advertising, whilst smaller companies, with annual revenues ranging from $500 million to $1 billion U.S. dollars allocate 8.5% to digital marketing.   Read more
TECH NEWS  Nov 29, 2020 19:02
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