Think you know how to use Google like a pro? You probably didn't know some of these hacks. They're great! In fact, Google is so much more useful than just search. Check out what you've been missing all this while:

1. Use it as a timer.

2. Calculate how much to tip your server.

3. Type in an important day and Google will provide you with the date.

4. Find out movie release dates.

5. Find out what time TV shows are airing.

6. Find your band's whole catalog.

7. Find all the books by your favorite author.

8. Look up flight schedules.

9. Find out what time the sun rises in your city.

10. Do your homework for you (not all of them).

11. Or do a "barrel roll"

12. You can get Google to tilt a little.

13. Unless you want to go into an infinite loop, don't search for recursion.

14. Search "Anagram" and you'll get a few anagrams.

15. Type in festivus and you'll see a pole on the side.

16. If you're feeling super nerdy, you can use its binary and hexadecimal function.

17. Perform a zerg rush!

18. Show you the etymology of words

19. You can do calorie counting.

20. Throwback to a happier time.