The future of medical science is about to arrive. NASA and Houston based company GRoK Technologies will work on the development of new "breakthrough products", that encompass medical technologies designed to "regenerate bone and muscle tissues". If that sounds familiar, that's because we've seen it in Star Trek before.

According to GRoK's founder and CEO Moshe Kushman:
It's not just science fiction anymore. All indications are that 21st century life sciences will change dramatically during the next several decades, and GRoK is working to define the forefront of a new scientific wave.
NASA is "interested in the potential these technologies present for regenerating bone and muscle." Tissue regeneration technology will be able to help astronauts in long interplanetary travel to help them avoid developing osteopenia - a condition arising from the loss of bone and muscle mass and bone density.

One of GRoK's products is called BioReplicates, and it is a technology that will create "3-D human tissue models that can be used to test cosmetics, drugs and other products for safety, efficacy and toxicity". NASA claims that this will serve as a substitute to test substances on human tissue, and will have greater accuracy, reliability and cost-efficiency.

Another product is called Scionic, which GRoK says could result in the "development of medical devices designed to target musculoskeletal pain and inflammation in humans and animals noninvasively.

These products don't exist just yet, but they will be soon. Imagine what it can do not only for space folk, but for earth folk too!

This is a future that's getting me all excited.