So how secure is your iPhone 5S Touch ID? Apparently not that great. According to German security firm SRL as reported by The Guardian, an image of a fingerprint can successfully unlock the phone, enabling identity theft.

"Users leave copies of their fingerprints everywhere; including on the devices they protect. Fingerprints are not fit for secure local user authentication as long as spoofs ('fake fingers') can be produced from these pervasive copies," SLR said in a blog post.

A thief would have to turn on Airplane Mode as soon as they steal the device. They can access Airplane Mode via the Control Center on the lock screen - disabling all wireless connections, and preventing the iPhone's owner from doing a remote wipe.

Then the hacker can work to get fingerprints off the device and eventually log in. The video below shows how a fake fingerprint can be created on a laminated sheet and later attached to one of their fingers.