iFixit has gutted the new iPhone 5C, taking a look at what's underneath all that plastic. The short version: an iPhone 5. Check out the highlights:
  • Despite being essentially a repackaged iPhone 5, the battery is beefed up a bit, clocking in at 3.8 V—5.73 Wh—1510 mAh, compared to 3.8 V—5.45 Wh—1440 mAh
  • Despite the inclusion of the fingerprint sensor on the 5S, the 5C's display unit is still heavier
  • The rear-facing camera on the the 5C is practically the same as the 5S's: the one difference is the aperture, which is f/2.4 on the 5C and f/2.2 on the 5S
  • The plastic case is strong—and virtually impossible to bend
  • But, interestingly, the rear case is much heavier—at 43.8 g compared to 25.9 g—than the 5S. That's because more plastic is needed to match the strength of the aluminum