Think you've got great fiber connection? Maybe you do, but it's definitely not the fastest. The researchers in UK are tinkering with something even better: a 1.4 terabit connection.

Those lightning fast internet speeds were developed by a joint research team from French telecoms and company Alcatel-Lucent and BT. The magic of this isn't in the hardware, instead, in a new protocol named Flexigrid that lets you lay multiple signals over the top of each other in a single cable.

Data starts to race from point A to B in parallel. After layering them together, seven 200 Gbps channels form one, mega super speed highway offering 1.4 Tbps speeds across a 255 miles stretch of fiber that already exists between the BT Tower in London and a BT research campus in Suffolk. To give you a perspective of how fast 1.4 Terabits is:
64 hours of HD Netflix
38 hours in 3D or 4K
36,409 songs from Spotify

It's only a matter of time before we enjoy such speeds.[The Independent]