Bitcoin has been trending nowadays. It is used to conduct the digital transaction and can be called as virtual currency like other cryptocurrencies.

The use of bitcoin is increasing nowadays, and many others are curious about it hence it is important to know how it really functions and what are its advantages. As per Steve Mckay the use of Bitcoin is on the rise mainly due to the fact that it is based on the encrypted cryptographic algorithms which make it safe for transactions and also makes the currency decentralized hence the ownership is with the user which is a major advantage over traditional transactions.

Let us understand the advantage of using bitcoins over the conventional currency.

Bitcoin is Decentralized:

While transacting through a bank, the bank is always the middleman hence the money is controlled by the bank. But bitcoin allows you to transact without any intermediaries involved hence the transaction fee is lower. Also, with no middleman involved, the transfer of bitcoin is quicker than other forms of transaction.

Ease of Online Payments:

Many online sites are accepting bitcoin payments nowadays and you can shop easily by paying through bitcoin. Especially in casinos where bitcoin is used, it is a preferable mode as payment as you can be discreet. Also, it is faster, unlike banking transactions which take a few days for the money to reach the other account.

More Durable than Cash: 

Gold can melt and cash can burn but bitcoin is digital money hence it cannot be destroyed. You cannot lose it as it is stored in a decentralized network. Just make sure not to lose the access of your wallet.

No Risk of Inflation: 

Financial crisis can arise anytime if the government creates more currency. This may cause inflation and recession. Cryptocurrency is limited as there are only about 21 million bitcoins hence its supply is stable and finite.

Global Currency:

Cryptocurrency is accepted worldwide hence doing business in bitcoins is easier across borders. If you do business with conventional currency, you will have to take the headache of converting the currency which is a time-consuming task and you may lose a little money while converting,

Almost Nil Chances of Fraud:

The blockchain technology used for the bitcoin transaction is advanced as any transaction made in bitcoins is recorded and distributed over the network using cryptographic techniques. hence the chances of fraud are less when it comes to bitcoin whereas cash can't be tracked this way and there are high chances of frauds.

Peer-to-Peer Transaction:

Bitcoin allows you to transfer the value over the internet directly to the other user hence no intermediary is involved which makes this a private as well as a secure way of transaction.

Great Investment Opportunity:

Bitcoin is a global currency hence investing in bitcoin and trading through this currency can be a good investment idea as there are no general restrictions that are imposed by the bank or the government.

With so many advantages over conventional currency, the emerging market of bitcoins surely possesses the potential of turning more heads towards it.