While every business is different and has its own ways of working, there is one that so many currently have in common and that is the increasing numbers of remote workers. Even the most proficient managers are finding themselves in new waters and can find managing these staff members difficult.

But with the help of HR software, HR teams and managers are finding help, solutions and support with maintaining staff expectations during lockdown, while keeping teams proficient and ensuring a smooth running of the business. You can find out more about HR systems by clicking here

We look at how HR systems can provide the tools needed for managing remote workers and how these new assets can continue to be utilised after the pandemic. As it is now predicted that 1 in 3 office workers will continue to work from home permanently, it is vital to have the right processes in place.

Maintain Wellbeing
It’s no secret that mental health is being negatively impacted during the pandemic. Health, job, money and family worries have been elevated and anxious is creeping throughout nations.

Looking after staff wellbeing is the responsibility of management and/or HR and this should continue, even if staff are not physically present.

This is easier said than done, monitoring staff in this manner can be almost impossible when they are not in the same building.

Video calling and emails can provide a platform to ask staff about how they are feeling but these ways often do not provide candid feedback.

HR systems can be used to create surveys to ask staff to complete and analyse who may need support with resources or simply a friendly ear, whatever works best for them.

These surveys can even be completed anonymously if staff are concerned about any stigma that may be attached to the subject. Patterns can be picked out by HR teams to see if there is any correlation between departments.

This can then be rectified by providing support to those areas, team reshuffles or providing in-depth resources to help.

Broaden Communication
Communication is the basis for a successful business and maintaining proper connections with all staff members is essential.

However, this can be a complex task, especially within larger organizations.

Substantial amounts of data can not be vocalised over video and phone calls well, while emails can easily be missed and lost within overflowing inboxes.

HR software allows messages to be sent to team members, departments of the entire workforce. Managers can ensure this has been effectively communicated with the use of tracking tools.

These allow the sender to see exactly who has opened their messages, meaning those who are yet to do so can be chased.

Continue Employee Development
There are many things on hold at the moment, but employee development shouldn’t be one. While businesses may not be in a position to offer financial gain, they can still show staff they are valued by continuing training to help with future career progression.

Online webinars and live training sessions are one way to do this, but it can be difficult to organise team members who are remote to be available at the same time, not to mention the hurdles of technical difficulties with home computers and broadband connections.

HR software can provide a platform to create tailored training programmes that staff can complete at a time that suits them, ensuring work is not impeded.

Managers can track the training process and easily identify any individual who may be struggling, to provide extra support or alter the plan to suit their learning style.

Providing Global Support
Workers are not only spread across the home countries but international businesses have now come across the hurdle of managing global offices, with travel restriction in place meaning they can not always make physical appearances for support and guidance.

Especially with offices varying time zones, this can be incredibly convoluted. Choosing an HR software vendor that caters globally means the same software and manner of communication can be implemented in every office. 

Consistency across the board will aid in managing everything with ease and improve communication and data sharing within the business.

Ease The Recruitment Process
As restrictions begin to be lifted and we slowly return to ‘normal’, businesses can begin to get a real insight into the ability to allow the organisation to grow.

Recruitment isn’t not a straightforward task and doing so remotely can be even harder. HR systems allow open roles to be advertised over a wide range of platforms at the click of a button.

Applicants can be grouped in various categories, depending on their success and automated messages sent out to alert them of their application progression.

When a successful applicant has been chosen, they can access their own portal on the system to complete new-starter forms, including emergency contact details and bank details for payroll.

Team information can be placed on these portals so a new start can get a feel for their department, who is there superior and what expertise each colleague has, so they know where to go with any queries or issues.

Personal profiles can even be created for each staff member, the office culture is crucial for staff retention and it can be almost impossible to get a feel for this remotely and build work relationships.

By providing a quick overview of each personality and their hobbies and likes, it can make relationship-building easier for the new starter.
You might also like to check out contract management softwares when acquiring new hires. This will make everything so much easier, such as laying down Key Performance Indicators to determine whether they provide good results to the company or not.  

First day, week and month itineraries can be created for new staff members, so they can easily see how their time is going to be spent and which colleague will be leading their training.

These are just some of the tools HR systems offer. Most vendors can create custom packages to suit every need and complexity of a business. It is even more vital to look after every aspect of the business so keep everything afloat and maintain happy staff and clients.