For the longest time, PS4 owners had absolutely zero choice when it came to the look of their console. If the boring black box didn’t mesh with your personal style, then that was too bad because black was all you could get. Luckily, the times have changed.

Sony still is only offering black PlayStations, but now there are customizable additions you can add to your system to make it pop out with vibrant colours and eye-catching textures that are as far away as the factory black as you can get. This customization comes in the affordable, durable package of a 3M vinyl skin. As easy as applying a sticker, you can add your skin and personalize your PS4 instantly.

PS4 skins are made up of 4 major pieces that wrap around the system and 7 smaller pieces that attach to your controller. You can choose a different style for each of the 4 pieces of the main console and 1 overall design for the 7 pieces for the controller. With 16 textures and 7 true colours to choose from, that’s a lot of choice.

You don’t have to compute the number of combinations you can make in order to know that it provides a huge level of customization. Whether you decide to deck out your PS4 controllers in the same monochrome design as the console or a coordinated mixture of textures and colours, the chances of anyone else picking the same pattern are incredibly low.

To top it all off, personalized style comes with some added benefits. The properties of 3M vinyl come in handy when affixed to your PS4. As an impervious material that resists grime and dust, it’ll keep your gaming system free from dirt, grease, and oils left behind by fingertips. Its naturally raised surface provides the controller with more grip, so it’s easy to keep a hold of – even when you’ve got a sudden case of sweaty palms. Last but not least, the tough material withstands sharp edges and objects keeping your system free of scratches, scuffs, and gouges.

It’s easy enough to apply and shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes. Even if it’s your first time with a skin, it’s a straightforward procedure, and you won’t find it hard to make sure your PS4 skin fits where it should. That’s the beauty of these skins. They’re fit to measure right down to the micro-millimetre, so they never obstruct your gameplay. There’s really no downside to adding a skin to your system. So embrace the fact that you can finally personalize your system. Get a PS4 skin made out of 3M vinyl and finally cover up that boring black box.