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How to Fold The Perfect Paper Airplane [VIDEO]

John Collins knows a thing or two about paper airplanes. After all, he holds the record for the longest distance. So it makes sense that the secret is in the folds.

Here's how to properly do it.

Nokia's New Android Tablet N1 Looks Like an iPad Mini [VIDEO]

Nokia has a new tablet now and this is N1, its first product since it sold its hardware division to Microsoft. Also, it kinda looks like the iPad mini. What do you think?

Check Out The Creation of Interstellar's Incredible Sound Effects [VIDEO]

Christopher Nolan's Interstellar not just a visual experience for the times, it's also an audio experience. This short doc shows how the SoundWorks collection goes deep into making everything perfect.

This Dating App Bans Creeps. Might Actually Work [VIDEO]

Don't want to risk meeting a creep of sorts on a dating platform? Then you might want to give The Grade a shot. Unlike Tinder, this app will give you the same swiping powers but without anyone who sucks.

Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night" is an Art of Science. Find Out Why [VIDEO]

Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night is one of his most famous paintings. It's been seen by millions, but here's the remarkable thing about it: it's actually an art of science. There's actually math behind it all.

Japan's Maglev Train Can Reach a Top Speed of 500km/h [VIDEO]

How fast can a train go? If they're Maglev, then the answer is pretty damn fast. As in, 500km/h fast. The Central Japan Railway Company is running tests for the train. We guess people who ride it will never be late.

Science Explains How to Stop Negative Thoughts From Bringing You Down

According to science, we have 40,000 to 60,000 negative thoughts a day on average. That sounds like a total downer. I know a few people who probably have more than that. But the good news is that we can change all of that.

A Scientist Isolated the Sound That Tricks Your Brain Into Hearing Phantom Water Sounds [AUDIO]

Ever been in a time when you thought you heard some water trickling, when it actually wasn't? Science can explain all of that now. Maria Geffen, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine has figured it out.

The "Free Data Forever" Device Sounds Like Godsend [VIDEO]

This is "Lantern" and it is an anonymous portable library that constantly receives free data from space. No more worrying about data packages. This one will be forever.

Check it out below:

Is It Possible To Build My Own Gaming Computer?

If you're serious about gaming then you're going to need the equipment to keep up with gaming demands. It is easy to assume that gaming machines like Playstations and XBoxes are enough, but they're really nothing compared to a gaming computer.

Samsung’s Project Beyond Camera Lets Teleports You To Anywhere You Want [VIDEO]

This is the Samsung Project Beyond 360° Camera. It is the world's first 3D omniview camera that relays high-resolution reconstructions of its surroundings to any Gear VR wearer and transports them anywhere in the world.

This Would Be The Perfect Smartphone. If Only It Existed [VIDEO]

What would the perfect smartphone be like? As of now, none can claim that they're the best. In fact, the perfect smartphone doesn't exist just yet. Marques Brownlee is back with yet another video, but this time, talking about what if we could piece together all the great things about different smartphones together.

Why Landing on a Comet is a Really Big Deal For Mankind [VIDEO]

Man has landed on a comet. The European Space Agency landed their robotic probe on a comet marking it the first time ever this has been done. The whole mission took 10 years. This is a really big deal.

YouTube Introduces Music Key Subscription Service [VIDEO]

YouTube‘s streaming service just got revealed today. Dubbed Music Key, it is a new monthly subscription that utilizes Google Play Music to offer users more than 30 million songs.

Starting at an introductory price of $7.99 USD per month (discounted from $9.99 USD/month), the service will be completely ad-free and also support the likes of background play and offline viewing.

All-In-One 3D Printer Lets You Replicate Almost Anything You Want [VIDEO]

This printer is called FLUX  and it has a 3D printing system with a built-in 3D scanner, allowing you to print just about anything you want.

Check out more about it over here:

The Lumia 535 Is Microsoft's First Non-Nokia Windows Phone

Microsoft has officially buried the Nokia brand name with the launch of the Lumia 535. It is a low-end Windows Phone meant for emerging markets with the Microsoft brand name at the back.

They are also sticking to Lumia's tried and tested formula using bold colors, basic internals and a low pricepoint. The Lumia 535 is a five inch 960 x 540 screen, 1.2GHz quad-core processor and comes with 1GB of RAM. There's also a 5-megapixel camera that Microsoft is touting for its Skype capability.

Watch The Honest Trailer Of World Of Warcraft [VIDEO]

WoW is one of the most famous online games in the world, but Smosh Games and Honest Trailers have teamed up to deliver a hilarious honest trailer about the game. Watch it below:

ATLAS the Robot is Learning Karate [VIDEO]

We're teaching robots to do more things that humans can, and let's just hope that doesn't turn around and bite us one fine day. The folks at IHMC Robotics has started to teach ATLAS how to balance on one foot.
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