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This Barrier Will Not Only Stop a Moving Truck. It Will Destroy It [VIDEO]

The U.S. is looking to develop barriers that could stop a truck with explosives traveling at 50mph, dead in its tracks. And it looks like they might have just nailed it.

You are looking at some utter destruction:

20 Jokes About How The iPhone 6 Plus is Bendable

The complaints about Apple's new bendable iPhone 6 Plus is making its rounds on social media, and here's a round up of all the jokes we've seen so far. Apparently, Apple is said to be replacing the bent iPhones if they pass the "visual inspection" and qualify for warranty replacement. Check out the jokes:

Science Answers: Do Periods Actually Make Women Moody? [VIDEO]

Here's an interesting video to check out, which goes into discovering whether or not periods make women moody. There's just so many chemicals floating around that we misconstrue that PMS = period. Which is not. Check out the video for more:

Conan Responds to Apple's Bent iPhones With His Funnier Version [VIDEO]

Is your new iPhone too soft it bends so much? It probably won't beat Conan's version. Here's his response to #bendgate. Check it out below:

Just how much can it bend?

Watch the video here:

First Underwater Unboxing Of The Sony Xperia Z3 [VIDEO]

The Z3 is waterproof, so what better way to unbox it but by doing it underwater? This could be the first underwater unboxing video. Check it out:

Unboxing videos are passe, but at this is new:

This Wearable Tech is a Flying Camera That Snaps Pictures For You [VIDEO]

Wearables are here to stay and we're still waiting for something that would be really useful. Nixie could be one of them. This wearable is actually a drone camera that helps you take pictures when there's no one to take them for you.

This Mug Will Ensure You Never Ever Spill Coffee Again [VIDEO]

I can't remember the last time I spilled coffee, but it happens. Accidents happen. That's why this mug is so important and clever. It is one that will ensure you never ever spill coffee ever again!

Called the Mighty Mug, it is made to make sure coffee doesn't spill out.

This Japanese Thumb Extender Lets You Reach The Entire Screen of Larger Smartphones [VIDEO]

Now that the iPhone is also a phablet, there's probably no phone small enough you can use with just one hand. That means, your thumb isn't going to be able to reach the end of the screen now. The solution: the thumb extender.

What Porn Does to Your Brain. It's Not Good News [VIDEO]

Porn is everywhere on the Internet, and it's just the norm these days to assume everyone has had at least seen it once. But why do men like porn so much? It's because your brain releases a happy chemical known as dopamine.

The Science Behind a Brain Freeze [VIDEO]

Everyone has had a brain freeze moment before. But how do we explain it? Hank Green of Sci Show jots this down in a video and explains how, and what causes it. Check it out below: 

iPhone 6 Survives Drop Test From 7,000 Feet in The Air [VIDEO]

If dropping an iPhone on the sidewalk from 3 feet high wasn't enough, here's something more extreme. RatedRR decided to drop it while skydiving in a wingsuit thousands of feet up in the ar.

The most unbelievable thing: it survived. The screen cracked but it was still in working order. RatedRR pinged the phone to find its location and the iPhone lodged itself into the ground in a miniature crater.

The Physics of Sci-Fi Space Battles Debunked [VIDEO]

Who doesn't love a good space battle? They are epic! The explosions. The lasers. It's just exhilarating to watch them. But in truth, the physics of such a battle wouldn't be possible.

We've no doubt seen something like this:

Travel Size Iron Guarantees You'll Never Have to Wear Wrinkled Shirts Anymore [VIDEO]

Don't like wearing wrinkled clothes? Welcome back to humanity then. However, it's not quite as easy to bring along your iron everywhere you travel. Collar Perfect has made the perfect gadget for this.

Watch This Guy Bend an iPhone 6 Plus With His Bare Hands [VIDEO]

The iPhone 6 Plus can apparently bend. So this guy decided to make a video proving that it indeed can. Lou from Unbox Therapy puts it to the test. The glass actually hangs in there, but you'll have a bent phone.

This iPhone 6 Unboxing Video is Creatively Unorthodox [VIDEO]

Made by The Blue Man Group, this unboxing video isn't like any other unboxing video you've watched before. It's actually quite entertaining.

It involves cutting up the box.

I feel like I'm watching an episode of Dexter here.

Scientists Created Shape-Shifting Liquid Metal. The T1000 is Possible Now! [VIDEO]

Scientists from North Carolina State University successfully created shape-shifting liquid metal. It could expand and reassemble, just like the T1000 from Terminator 2.

This would either be disastrous or good.

13 Misconceptions About Global Warming [VIDEO]

To understand climate change, you must first understand all the misconceptions about climate change. It talks about what we think we know about global warming, which should actually be classified as climate change instead.

13 New Things iOS 8 Will Let You Do

iOS 8 is out and it's packing some new tricks. Here are some of the very interesting features that come with it. Check it out:  

1. Shoot timelapse videoYou could previously shoot slow motion video with iOS 7, but timelapse is the new thing now. 
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