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Scientist Are Using Magnets to Detect Malaria

How do you make treating malaria easier? By making the methods of detection a whole lot easier. One of the reasons why it is such a hard disease to treat is because it is even harder to detect. Now, researchers are using magnets to detect parasite poop in the blood of infected patients.

TED-Ed Animation Explains How Dogs Helped to Discover and Treat Diabetes [VIDEO]

Here is the latest animation by TED-Ed, educator Duncan C. Ferguson explaining how dogs helped scientists discover the causes of diabetes. And then, eventually helping them treat the disease.

It began in 1890 when German Scientists Joseph von Mering and Oskar Minkowski demonstrated that removing a dog's pancreas caused it to develop all signs of diabetes. They found out that the organ was central in the disease. Check out the video below.

You Might Not Need a DSLR Anymore, Thanks to Sony

Who uses a camera these days? Er..practically no one. Unless you're a professional photographer and that's your job. But even more are turning to the efficiency of smartphones these days. Sony's new ILCE-QX1 lens camera system is going to make the DSLR a lot less bulky.

This Could Be The Real iPhone 6 Built [VIDEO]

It's about a week more to go before the new iPhone 6 takes the stage. There's also a very good chance that it is going to be very different from all its previous versions. Could this be how it looks like?

This Google Glass App Measures Emotions. Creepy and..Sort of Useful? [VIDEO]

Say you're a standup comedian and you're speaking to a crowd. The only way to tell if your jokes were flat is by the crowd not reacting to it. But what if you went further than that. What if you made them angry but they're just not voicing it out? This Google Glass app will measure emotions. It is both creepy, and possibly useful in some situations.

The Truth About Decaf Coffee and How It Is Made [VIDEO]

Ordering a decaf cup of coffee? Gasp! Sacrilege! How could you? But if you've ever wondered how it was possible to make decaf, you're not alone. Mental Floss answers all of that in a video below.

Very little decaf is actually truly stimulant-free. It will still have some milligrams of it.

This is a Birds-Eye View Tour of Apple's Spaceship Campus [VIDEO]

Apple has so much money, its spaceship campus is already underway right now. And now, you get a birds-eye view of it courtesy of a YouTuber with a drone and GoPro camera. Here's a peek of it.

The $5 billion project officially broke ground in 2013, and it looks like a spaceship landing site.

GoPro So Badass, Takes Up-Close Rocket Testing [VIDEO]

You can punish a GoPro however you like, but it looks like it'll take on any challenge like a champ. The most recent torture was sending a GoPro videoing an experimental rocket in action. Fire and cameras don't usually mix, but the GoPro survived.

Guy Makes Home-Built Elysium Exoskeleton. Lifts 170 Pounds Easily [VIDEO]

Exoskeletons are the next evolution of human strength. Pneumatic-powered cyborg arms will let you do the things that were impossible without the help of a few or more. This guy created his own version.

This Water Bottle is Flat and Fits Into a Laptop Bag

Here's an interesting way to save some space in your backpack. What if your water bottle was flat? That's what this Kickstarter is all about. They are called memobottles and are designed to match dimensions of letter, A4 and A5 documents.

Dogs Have Mounts For GoPro Cameras Now As Well [VIDEO]

GoPro launched The Fetch, which is a dog harness. Which also means, you can strap on a camera to your dog right now. You can actually get it here.

Here's how it looks like:

And another view of it:

Protect Your ATM Pin Code by From a Thieving iPhone. Here's How [VIDEO]

There's a very simple way people can steal your pin code. And it doesn't involve any tough tricks. All thieves need is just an iPhone. That simple.

People standing behind you can't easily see what you're keying in.

Google Introduces Project Wing [VIDEO]

Amazon introduced their concept drone delivery program called Amazon Prime Air. But while it is still years away from operation, it demonstrates that the future will be using drones to send you stuff. Now Google is following suit.

How Does Your Brain React To Coffee? [VIDEO]

Coffee is awesome. There isn't anything else you can say to debate that. But how does it work? Why are we so addicted to it? Asap Science is back to explain just what it does to our brains.

So time for a cup?

Samsung Unveils the Gear S

Samsung unveils its latest smart watch range with the Samsung Gear S. It promises to bring more benefits of the smartphone experience to the wrist. It has a built-in 3G modem and can send texts and calls without relying on a mobile phone.

Olympus PEN E-PL7

Olympus has showed off its newest model in the form of the E-PL7. It maintains its vintage aesthetic look and the PEN line takes advantage of the latest social media phenomenon.

The Micro FourThirds camera offers a 16 megapixel sensor, three-axis image stabilization, 81-point Autofocus, and built-in Wi-Fi for easy image sharing and smartphone connectivity.

LG Shows Off Its Circular Smartwatch

Would you wear a smartwatch if it actually looked like a watch? Then you'll like this. LG will launch a second Android Wear-powered smartwatch at the IFA 2014 tech conference in Berlin and will call it the LG G Watch R.

7 Tricks to Make Smartphone Photography Better [VIDEO]

Most people take pictures with their smartphones these days. Here are some smartphone photography tips and tricks you can use to take better pictures. Check them out:

One of the tricks is to add a small droplet of water.
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