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The Terminator Cheetah Will Be Your Worst Robopocalypse Nightmare [VIDEO]

Researchers at MIT have created the Cheetah 2 robot. Basically it's a mechanical nightmare that runs, and even jumps over hurdles, and might possibly include a feature of a mouth, claws and sharp teeth in the future. Who knows?

This is The Text Message That Can Crash Your iPhone

This text message has been going around and it can apparently crash your iPhone. We're not sure if it really works because we've not actually tried it out on anyone just yet, but that doesn't mean you should either.

Microsoft's Smart Assistant "Cortana" Will Be Coming to Android AND iPhone [VIDEO]

Cortana is making her way into Android and iOS too because it doesn't want to be contained in just Windows' ecosystem. Which is a smart thing for Microsoft to do. Very smart. Check out a video of it below:

Self-Driving Car Tests Goes Horribly Wrong. Tries To Murder Journalist Instead of Parking [VIDEO]

Machines are clearly not ready to drive us around just yet if this one example is proof of that. A recent test for a self-parking car in the Dominican Republic went horribly wrong because the car suddenly decided that it hates humans.

One Man Dropped His iPhone into The Ocean and It Recorded Everything To The Ocean Floor [VIDEO]

Who knew iPhones could survive trips down to the ocean floor? Gregory Papadin was vacationing in Menorca, Spain, when he dropped his iPhone into the ocean. After retrieving it, he discovered it recorded the entire two-minute drop to the bottom of the ocean floor.

Apple iOS 9 Leak Revealing an Interface Makeover Along With New Functions

Forbes reports multiple leaks concerning new upgrades coming in Apple's upcoming iOS 9, which is officially set to be unveiled at the company's annual Worldwide Developers Conference next month.

"Home" will be introduced in iOS 9 where it will act as a control center for HomeKit products which can be used for anything "smart" from garage doors to remote controls, light switches and more.

Check Out Neil de Grasse Tyson's Astounding Facet About The Universe [VIDEO]

Watch this video and you'll realize that inside you, is the ingredients for everything that is beyond marvel in the universe. You've got it in you. The universe, is you. Check out the video below:

KFC's New Tray Typer Keyboard Lets You Eat, Lick and Type [VIDEO]

This is KFC's Tray Typer Keyboard. It's only available in Germany for now, but it's a pretty genius product. It lets you keep your fingers clickin' good, basically solving a first world problem of letting you text with sticky fingers while you enjoy your food without getting your real smartphone screen dirty.

Check Out The Intricate UI Designs for 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' [VIDEO]

The UI designs in Avengers: Age of Ultron are surely something that doesn't get as much spotlight as the action, but definitely deserves some credit for making the movie look more incredible.

London-based Territory Studio was responsible for creating the UI sequences, totaling than 200 screens with 80 minutes of animation across 11 sets.

The Next iPhone 6S Won't Have The Phone App Because No One Makes Calls Anymore [VIDEO]

Believe it or not but a lot of us don't really make calls anymore. We do call, but it's not very often. There's more messaging then there is talk time. So with that in mind, shouldn't the next iPhone be without the phone app?

Google's New Self-Driving Cars Will Be Hitting Public Roads in Summer [VIDEO]

The future is already here, and come summer, Google's new self-driving cars are going to make that driverless future a reality. Check out a video of its demonstration below:

Inventor Adds a Jet Engine on a Go-Kart [VIDEO]

Is this even safe at all? Colin Furze is famous online for his outrageous hacks and inventions and his latest project involves taking the common go-kart and turning it into a jet-kart! Basically, he added two jet engines on the kart. Watch him take a go at it:

A Consumer Guide to TV Streaming Devices

Streamed TV has exploded in popularity. What was once a peripheral competitor for a market largely shared by satellite and cable is fast becoming a major player, and shows every sign of continuing to gain ground on other platforms. Internet options tend to be more flexible, not to mention cheaper, making them excellent options for anyone interested in a narrower range of content than the hundreds of channels that traditional providers give.

This Drone is The First of Its Kind To Automatically Follow You While Flying On Its Own [VIDEO]

Thinking of getting a drone? How about one that will just fly on its own? You don't have to control it. In fact, you can even just throw it in the air, and it'll start flying. Plus, it'll start following you around too. This is the next POV for GoPro cameras we're sure.

Listen to The Sound Effects of Star Wars [VIDEO]

Good actors and a nice storyline isn't enough to make a movie great. You need effects. And one of them is sound. The effects on Star Wars are so iconic that you can immediately recognize them upon hearing them. Check it out below:

How to Improve Your Home Entertainment Possibilities on a Budget

Home entertainment doesn’t have to come at sky high prices. Here’s how to improve your home entertainment possibilities on a budget.

Combine TV, Internet and Phone BillsThere’s no economic sense in paying for separate television, internet, and phone services. In fact, you can end up paying twice as much in bills compared to if you combined all three services into one package.

8 Things You Didn't Know Google Chrome Could Do

Google Chrome is more magical once you get to know it some more. Here are some 9 things you can do with it. It'll make your life simpler too. Check it out below:

1. Conduct a hands-free search by saying "OK Google."Enable it in Settings > Search.

In The Future, Tiny Robots Will Perform Surgery on You [VIDEO]

Medical tech is getting more advanced and we could soon be seeing something new being introduced: tiny robots to perform surgery. The video below shows off a demonstration of some stitching being done on a wounded grape.
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