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How the Internet Has Affected Phones

Personal phones have changed so much over the past fifteen years. They started out as efficient devices for communication. They have since developed into cultural and societal phenomenons. Smartphones ushered in a new era for users. Businesses embraced smartphones, and the internet speed and capabilities made them irresistible to users.

The Car Plane is Here, And It's Flying [VIDEO]

Early prototypes of the car plane didn't show whether it could fly, but promised that it would. And now it's 2015 and it's flying. This is the Jetson's era now!

The folks from AeroMobil are the ones responsible for the car.

The Bluesmart Suitcase is The World's First Smart Connected Carry-On Suitcase [VIDEO]

Even luggage is getting smarter. This is Bluesmart and it will connect to your phone, has a digital lock, built-in scale and other smart features you never thought a suitcase could have.

Check it out below:

New Tech Will Allow You To Have Sex in Virtual Reality [NSFW]

Virtual reality is becoming the next big thing. Even Microsoft is planning on making your entire environment a holodeck. The only thing left is if you could have sex in a virtual reality setting.

This Bus is powered by Human Waste

Human waste will never be the same again. Why? Because U.K has started using our poop to run its 'Bio-Bus' which has now taken to the streets. The bus runs on biomethane gas which is produced from treated human waste, and unused food. Don't worry. They have those impurities and bad odors removed, so you don't have to 'experience' the smell.

The Original Apple Watch Doesn't Need Any Damn Apps [VIDEO]

Apple already had an Apple Watch before launching their current version - the one that's going to sync with your iPhone and do all sorts of stuff. The original on the other hand, doesn't need any apps. Check it out below:

What Managed Services can Amcom offer?

Using a company with a good reputation to offer managed services can be a beneficial way to free up resources and reduce costs - your own staff will have more time to spend on their strategic ICT work within your business and instead of having to recruit and train more on-site employees of your own to handle routine maintenance, you can rely on the managed services provider to take care

Science Says This is The Most Dangerous Sex Position

Sex can be dangerous too. Now, science has went ahead to determine the most dangerous position - a position that will make it even more possible to break a penis. The smart minds from Brazil discovered:

Would You Ride an Electric Skateboard? [VIDEO]

If there's an electric bicycle, we don't see why there shouldn't be an electric skateboard. Called a ZBoard, it will get you where you want to go without much effort on your part. But wait, how do you stop?

Microsoft Hololens Will Bring a World of Holograms [VIDEO]

It looks like holograms are going to be a real big thing soon. Microsoft announced to the world a new device they call Microsoft Hololens and it looks like a device where a user can wear that will blend both the real world and the digital one together.

All About 1300 Numbers

You may have noticed many businesses and companies in Australia today advertise a 1300 number on their websites. Communication experts in the region recommend a 1300 service because calling a landline from outside a local area deters some clients, and mobile phone numbers are definitely a big no-no.

Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 [VIDEO]

Microsoft has unveiled the latest edition of its OS - Windows 10. It marks the departure moving from its heritage of enabling a single device into something that's more mobile.

Windows 10 will also feature the debut of Cortana on both PC and tablets and also features “Project Spartan” — Microsoft’s next-generation web browser.

The Real Scientific Reason Why Rain Smells So Damn Good [VIDEO]

Everyone loves the smell of rain, but how does it even get its distinctive smell? Now scientists have discovered why it has that kind of smell. Check out the video below:

The mechanism for the aroma is due to water releasing a scent in the earth.

What Happens When You Point a Camera at a Monitor Connected To It [VIDEO]

Ever wondered what would happen if you point a camera at a monitor connected to it? You'd get some really trippy results. In fact, it's also quite mesmerizing to look at.

Or hypnotizing.

This Mechanical Watch Has a Built-In Speedometer [VIDEO]

Smartwatches are all the craze right now, and they seem to be adding more functionality at every turn. Traditional watches on the other hand are trying to compete, and are adding more novel features too. Breva found a way to make their traditional mechanical watch more interesting: it has a speedometer.

Check Out 3M's Amazing New Scotch Tape Dispenser

3M enlisted designer Joongho Choi to help create a better type of tape dispenser. The result is something truly impressive. The dispenser he made may look a tad large, but it has been designed to automatically cut perfectly proportioned pieces of tape with a simple turn of a wheel.

The Scientific Power Of Meditation Will Encourage You To Do So Every Day [VIDEO]

Most people don't meditate, but if you check out the video below, you'll see why you need to do it and how it affects your body in such a positive and powerful manner. Check it out below:

This Technology Helped a Disabled Boy Play Piano With His Eyes [VIDEO]

Japanese manufacturer Fove and the University of Tsukuba created the Eye Play the Piano, a virtual reality headset that will allow users to play keyed instruments using their eyes. Watch this disabled boy Virtuoso the heck out of a piano with it.
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