A White Coffee Cup Makes Coffee Taste More Intense

Like coffee much? Then you'll want to know this science discovery: an Australian scientist has found that the cup color actually influences how you think your coffee tastes.

A new study called Does the colour of the mug influence the taste of the coffee?, published in the journal Flavour, studied how color influences the taste of coffee.

Advertise to potential customers with Adwords Remarketing

The internet is the perfect platform for businesses to advertise on as it is so heavily used, and there is one form of internet advertising which is particularly effective. Remarketing advertises to those that have visited your website, and are therefore  more likely to need the products or services that you are able to provide.

Molecular Bonding Made Easy With a Plastic Welding Kit

When creating plastic structures by joining plastics together it is best to opt for molecular bonding. This is where plastics are welded together, as this results in a strong and reliable join. You can get all the tools and kit you need from plastic welding suppliers.

A Guide to the Various Videos Production Companies Can Produce

This article provides businesses with information on the various types of videos that production companies are able to create, why they are beneficial to the corporate sector and how to go about finding the right company for you. It also includes some general hints and tips on promotional methods for your business.

Google Made A Spoon That Could Change Your Life [VIDEO]

Google just acquired Lift Labs, and they just made a one of a kind spoon. The spoon actually works to help those who suffer from tremor-related diseases like Parkinson's.

It basically helps reduce shaking by 76 percent.

This Rowing Machine Slingshot is Terrifying [VIDEO]

 is back with yet another crazy weapon invention, this time it is a rowing machine slingshot. You'll recognize it because you've most likely seen it in a gym. He managed to weaponize a personal fitness machine!

10 Ways Facebook Uses to Spy on You [VIDEO]

With more than a billion people on it, and nearly everyday use, it's not a surprise just how much Facebook knows about you, and just how easy it is for them to get information about you. Here are 10 creepy ways:

Why Are There More Boys Than Girls? [SCIENCE]

For every 100 girls born, there are 106 baby boys. Minute Earth goes into why there are more boys than girls on Earth using science!

Microsoft Trolls the iPhone in the Latest Cortana Ad [VIDEO]

Microsoft is touting its latest Cortana in a new ad. This time, it pokes fun at the latest iPhone, which only got bigger. Did it get better? Or just bigger?

Check it out below:

15 iPhone Accessories That You Might Actually Want

If you're not satisfied with your iPhone, you can add on some accessories to make it more awesome. Here are some products that might add more value. Check it out:

1. Selfie brush

Because you need to realize how good you look right after you comb your hair. Get it here.

There is a Machine That Turns Water and CO2 Into Petrol

Oil prices are at an all time low, but that's not going to stay like that forever. One day, we'll run out of oil, and we're going to be in trouble. Which is why this machine could be something we desperately need. It makes oil by combining hydrogen and CO2.

Watch How Air Moves Through This Incredible Optical Device [VIDEO]

Most people don't know how air moves. Heck, even I'm not quite sure. But here's an interesting optical technique called "Schlieren Optics" showing you how it all happens.

It's very interesting.

How to Fold The Perfect Paper Airplane [VIDEO]

John Collins knows a thing or two about paper airplanes. After all, he holds the record for the longest distance. So it makes sense that the secret is in the folds.

Here's how to properly do it.

Nokia's New Android Tablet N1 Looks Like an iPad Mini [VIDEO]

Nokia has a new tablet now and this is N1, its first product since it sold its hardware division to Microsoft. Also, it kinda looks like the iPad mini. What do you think?

Check Out The Creation of Interstellar's Incredible Sound Effects [VIDEO]

Christopher Nolan's Interstellar not just a visual experience for the times, it's also an audio experience. This short doc shows how the SoundWorks collection goes deep into making everything perfect.

This Dating App Bans Creeps. Might Actually Work [VIDEO]

Don't want to risk meeting a creep of sorts on a dating platform? Then you might want to give The Grade a shot. Unlike Tinder, this app will give you the same swiping powers but without anyone who sucks.

Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night" is an Art of Science. Find Out Why [VIDEO]

Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night is one of his most famous paintings. It's been seen by millions, but here's the remarkable thing about it: it's actually an art of science. There's actually math behind it all.

Japan's Maglev Train Can Reach a Top Speed of 500km/h [VIDEO]

How fast can a train go? If they're Maglev, then the answer is pretty damn fast. As in, 500km/h fast. The Central Japan Railway Company is running tests for the train. We guess people who ride it will never be late.
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