These 10 College Dropouts Are a Billion Times More Successful Than You

A college education is important. But there have been cases where a handful of people have made it without a degree. That said, college isn't for everyone. While graduates are more likely to get hired compared to someone without higher education, many of the technology companies we rely on today were started by dropouts.

3D-Printed Ultrasound Cast Helps You Recover Faster, and Cooler

The drawback of having a cast this cool looking? No one is going to be able to sign on it. But who cares! You want those broken bones to heal. And heal fast! Deniz Karasahin designed a custom cast that comes with an ultrasound device to speed up bone healing.

This Company's Software Can Sort of Predict How Future Children Look Like in "Virtual Embryos"

A new report coming from New Scientist talks about a company called GenePeeks. They use its software to take genome sequences of both parents to produce "10,000 simulated pairings". Which means in the future, you'll get the predict what your kids would look like, along with a slew of other things.

The Scientifically Accurate Spongebob Squarepants is Hilariously Disgusting [VIDEO]

Ever wondered what a scientifically accurate Spongebob Squarepants would be like? The answer is - really super disgusting. Of course, if it were real, it would probably be a less interesting character. Though it's hard to say whether or not it'll be able to make friends like it does on its show.

How to Know if You Have ADHD [VIDEO]

For starters, try finishing this video. Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder is one of the most well-known behavioral issues. Popular YouTuber Ryan Higa was diagnosed with the disorder at a young age, so he knows what it’s really like. He made a video on how to know if you have it. Can you relate to it?

The Real Business of Internet Things is Selling Your Personal Data

Products like Fitbit and Next are the next frontier of connected devices. But the real prize isn't when people buy their products. It is your personal data. That's going to be big business!

Forbes reports that both FitBit and Nest Labs are both taking advantage of that side hustle:

Electronic Monocle Will Use Your Biofeedback When You Surf Web Pages [VDEO]

A team of UK design students have come up with a conceptual solution for an electronic monocle called Amoeba. It shows you pages you find most interesting, and measures your bio feedback response.

Designed by Sanya Rai, Carine Collé and Florian Puech, students at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College, London, Amoeba packs three different types of sensors to assess your emotional state. There are heat sensors located near your mouth, and a camera pointed at your eye to watch your pupil size and a skin sensor monitors for increased perspiration.

Now You Can Drink 3,300-Year-Old Danish Beer

What's the oldest beer you've ever had? How about one made with a recipe 3,300 years old? Egtved Girl's brew claims to be that old, and the recipe dates back to the Bronze age, 1370 years BCE.

Made from a partnership between the Danish National Museum and Skands Brewery, it is based directly on the vintage stuff, residue samples taken from a bark beer bucket buried in an ancient coffin that was discovered in Denmark in 1921.

LOL? Steve Ballmer's First Tweets Are From an iPhone. LOL?

Here's former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's first tweets on Twitter tonight. And if this is authentic, then he's got some explaining to do. Why is he tweeting from an iPhone?

Thanks for having me @Twitter! Guess I'm supposed to start with a #selfie, right? pic.twitter.com/Ivcas8gn2T

Imogen Heap's Music Making Gloves Are Now on Kickstarter [VIDEO]

The Mi.Mu have existed for  a while already, but exclusively on Imogen Heap's hands. Now, her tech folks have refined them enough to be sold. The wearable gloves will track your hand movements and will recognize specific postures and detect the speed of the gestures you're making.

Google Beyond Glass: Camera in Your Eyeball, Dude [VIDEO]

We'll be seeing lots of people wear Google Glass if they somehow make it really fashionable. But enough of that, because Google Glass of the far future will be one you don't wear because it is attached to you.

Scientists Finally Discover How Eggs Attract Sperm That Could Lead to New Type of Birth Control

Scientists at Cambridge have figured out the mechanism involving the sperm bonding to eggs. This discovery could lead to a whole different kind of non-hormonal birth control options.

The usual forms of birth control use lots of hormones, pumping it into the body. It comes with a lot of side effects too. The discovery of how eggs attract sperm could lead to new birth control options that don't mess up hormones.

Everyone's Touchscreen Habits Are Unique. Could be Used as Passwords

All those random taps on your touchscreen display might not be so random after all. There could be a pattern to it. The way you interact with it is so unique that the researchers from Georgia Tech have created a software that can lock down your tablet if someone else is using your machine.

R2-D2 Will Help You Do All Your Measuring in the Kitchen

R2-D2 was always in the right place, at the right time in the Star Wars movies. Now he's going to do the same for you, in the kitchen! Here are some R2-D2 measuring cups to help you ensure you bake with the right amount of ingredients!

The First Real Life Spider-Man Web Shooter Hack Using an Electromagnetic Launcher [VIDEO]

As far as hacks go, this could be the geekiest one we love. It's Spider-Man's web shooter! Hardware hacker Patrick Priebe engineered a wrist worn electromagnetic miniature harpoon launcher. Next up: we need the real-life Spider-Man to make an appearance.

Finally. Science Explains Why Babies Are So Damn Cute [VIDEO]

Do you get excited when you see a little baby? Do all the goos and gaas , the coos and ahhs come out of you? If so, this phenomenon can be explained by science.

The video from ASAP Science says we love round faces, big eyes, protruding cheeks, big forehead and a round body. Watch the video below:

This Google App Will Let You Control Your Computer from Your Phone

Google has released a remote desktop app that lets you control your computer from your phone. You can control your Mac or PC from any Android device now.

Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android is an extension of existing Google software that allows to control your desktop remotely from within Chrome. First, you have to download the helper app for your computer from the Chrome Web Store (XP and up, OS X 10.6 and above, and Linux, too) and install the remote desktop app on your Android from Google Play.

Which Country Has the Most and Longest Sex?

Which country gets more coitus than most? How do we even know? This map claims to measure the frequency of sexy time and the duration of sex by country. Maroon means tons, and as the shade gets lighter, the frequency drops.
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