Facebook Has New Dislike Buttons and They're Not What You Expected

To think a thumbs down would have suffice, Facebook has just revealed its new dislike buttons. Not one, but six, and they all come in the form of Emoji, because that's where this generation's form of communication is going - down the drain.

Don't Like to Fold Laundry? Japan Has a Solution For You [VIDEO]

Doing laundry is such a pain, but you have to do it anyway! It's a time-consuming task that few people look forward to. After you're done, you'll have to fold them too. Three companies in Japan have banded together to make this: the Landroid. It is the world's first ever laundry-folding robot.

This is a 16-Lens Camera and It Takes Beautiful Photography

The L16 is the first ever camera to include a multi-aperture computational camera and was built using folded optics and sophisticated imaging algorithms. In English - it takes damn good pictures.

This is how the camera looks like.

Microsoft's Latest Surface Book Looks Pretty Awesome [VIDEO]

Microsoft has unveiled its first laptop dubbed 'Surface Book,' and it has a detachable keyboard and will also be able to act as a tablet. Check it out in the video below:

How Tough is The New iPhone? Can It Survive a Roundhouse Kick From a UFC Fighter? [VIDEO]

Watch the new iPhone take some serious abuse in this video below. Think dropping on the floor is hurt? How about getting a roundhouse kick from a UFC fighter? Check out the video below. Will it survive?

Check Out some of The Memorable James Bond Gadgets

James Bond has had many grown up toys. In fact, they might not even be for grown ups in general. These toys are dangerous. And they're just way too cool as well. Here are some of the more memorable ones that we've seen over the years.

This is How The BB-8 Sphero Toy Works [VIDEO]

The BB-8 has been all the rage for a while now, and it's even spread to a toy you can buy. Plus it works just like how you'll see in the movie. So how does it work exactly? This video will explain it all.

This is a Multiplayer Drone Race and Battle Game [VIDEO]

Fancy putting your drone to another use other than spying? Drone n base is the world's first multiplayer race and battle drone game with palm sized drones. It uses a unique combination of drones and interactive ground bases as the core of the game. Check out how it works in the video below:

Watch How Memories Are Formed and How We Lose Them [VIDEO]

If you've watched Pixar's Inside Out, you'll get a feature-film animated view of how memories we make are formed, and lost. Here, this video does somewhat the same but not as cute but chock full with science instead. Check it out:

Is The Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Secretly Waterproof? [VIDEO]

Apple's latest flagship phones don't have much or any change in physical appearance when you look at them compared to the last models, but it looks like it might just be...secretly water resistant. Here's the water test. Check it out:

Watch How The Sony RX10 II Camera Was Tested With Water Balloons and a Bikini Model [NSFW]

Halfway watching this, I forgot that it was a camera test. But really, all those moments that would have made great videos or photos involving water fights can now be a reality. Watch the test below:

Cryptopay Debit Card : Reviewed

This year has seen the introduction of a handful of Bitcoin debit cards to the market; A welcome innovation which provide an easy way for users to spend the digital cryptocurrency with ease in the real, physical world. Different card providers operate around the world; Cryptopay provides users in the UK and Europe with Bitcoin services, which include their newly released Bitcoin debit card.

This is Everything Wrong With Interstellar, According to Neil deGrasse Tyson [VIDEO]

When you get an astro-physicist to fact check you, you can expect some bumps along the way. Here's everything wrong with Interstellar, according to Neil deGrasse Tyson. Check out the video below:

Facebook's Latest Updates Will Give Users Animated Profile Pictures

Facebook has just upped the game and joined the world of GIFs and made that available as an option for your profile picture now. Now you can make your profile picture move. It's that awesome!

Facebook will enable users to upload animated GIFs as their profile pictures.

This 15-Year-Old is a Self-Taught Engineer. Kelvin Doe is a Name You Have To Remember [VIDEO]

At 15, I remember only wanting to watch cartoons in the evening and play with friends all the time. I would probably never think of teaching myself engineering. That's because I'm not Kelvin Doe. He discovered his pasion by digging through trash bins for spare electronic parts. Now, he's the youngest person to be invited to the 'Visiting Practitioner's Program' at MIT.

You're Looking at a Robot Dental Patient. So Realistic, It Even Has a Tongue That Moves Around [VIDEO]

This ultra-realistic dentail training android robot is so real, it even has a tongue that moves around. Basically, it's love doll technology applied to dental practice. Check it out:

Scientists Confirmed There's Liquid Water on Mars!

Scientists from NASA confirmed this morning that liquid water flows on Mars. Could there be life on it too? Salts occurring in the Martian soil prevent the water from freezing just like the salt we put on roads here on Earth. Here are some facts:

This New iPhone Setting Will Burn Your Data Plan. Learn How to Turn it Off

Apple's latest iOS 9 has a new feature that will help burn a hole in your data plan. You'll need to know how to turn it off, otherwise you'll be spending a lot of money on data, or you'll reach your limit faster than you expect.
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