SpaceX Rocker Explodes During Launch. Ruins Elon Musk's Birthday [VIDEO]

SpaceX's main goal is to make rockets reusable again. They just launched their unmanned Falcon-9 rocket to the International Space Station before the weekend when disaster struck. After a successful liftoff, the rocket experienced some problems, resulting in it exploding.

This Thing Here is an Electric Sword, Sir [VIDEO]

What would make a sword even more terrifying than it already is? How about adding some electricity to it? This invention is both genius and terrifying. The sound it makes is also pretty awesome. Scary too!

Why Do We Grow Old and Die? [VIDEO]

Minute Earth is back with another segment this time asking the question, 'Do we have to get old and die?' Everyone knows that this is the circle of life, but it doesn't stop us to question or explore the idea of being able to live a little longer, or maybe even forever. Check out the video below:

Elsewhere, Robots Are Getting Married in Japan [VIDEO]

Marriage equality for everyone and anyone now? Robots are getting hitched in Japan, because they too should be allowed to love. Although this is quite an odd news item, don't be surprised when laws for this pop up when robots become more sentient.

Nikon Coolpix P900 Zooms 83x in This Video Test

Optical zoom tech is getting super powerful, and you can imagine just how much more advanced camera tech has gotten in other high-budget gear. This video here demonstrates how a Nikon Coolpix P900 performed an optical zoom of 83x. It's unbelievable!

Does Modern CGI Actually Feel Less Real Than 90's CGI? [VIDEO]

This video explores a very serious question in film making and attempts to make a point out of it: they argue that modern CGI actually feels less real than 90s CGI. There's a screen by screen comparison for you to check out. Watch the video below and decide for yourself:

Engineer Took Apart "Beats by Dre" Headphones. Cost You $199 But Only $17 To Make

Well, isn't this great? You're really overpaying for your Beats by Dre headphones. That's if what the folks over at Bolt Blog are right. They took a pair apart and found that it only costs $17 to make one.

The Beautiful Art of Making Shoes by Hand [VIDEO]

Before there were machines to do this for us, all shoes were painstakingly made by hand. The process itself is beautiful to look at, not because it's really so impressive, but it'll really make you appreciate those kicks you're wearing right now.

Why Does Bacon Smell and Taste So Good? Science Has The Answer

Bacon. So much oil. So not good for us! But it smells so good. It even tastes so good. Asap Science dived deep into the reason why we love bacon so much, and it actually makes quite a lot of sense.

It's all science!

This is The World's Smallest Drone and It Is Customized To The Palm of Your Hand [VIDEO]

You don't really need a big drone, a small one will do. This tiny one here is customized in the palm of your hand, and it's really quite adorable looking. Plus it's a drone! And it's tiny! What more do you want?

This is How You Walk a Dog With an AR Drone [VIDEO]

Want to be lazy and still walk your dog, but do it all from the comfort of your chair? This walker here is an AR drone and it will help you take your dog on an adventure. Provided you've got one that will listen to you.

This is The Very Interesting Scientific Fact Why Guys Stare At Other Girls [VIDEO]

Why do guys stare at other women, even if they already have a partner? There's a very interesting scientific fact to that, in fact, share this video to your girlfriend, or wife, so the next time you get caught looking at someone else, it's really just looking.

The Robotic Sex Doll's Arrival Means Lonely People Won't Be Lonely Anymore Soon [VIDEO]

It's tough enough to find companionship these days. Compatibility is a big issue. Enter the sex robot. It's as real as it can be right now, and it'll only probably get better in the time to come. Which means, lonely men won't have to resort to loving their pillows or blown-up dolls anymore.

Lexus Created a Real, Rideable Hoverboard [VIDEO]

Can't wait for the hoverboard to be real? Us too! Lexus is attempting to make it real, and their project aims to bring us updates on the progress of the hoverboard. If this works, they'll probably sell more of this than actual cars.

A Group of Teenagers Invented a Condom That Changes Color if You Have an STD

Called 'S.T.EYE,' this condom could very well prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. And it was made by a group of 13 and 14-year-old students. Seriously, kids today are getting smarter!

A New Revolutionary 8-Minute Surgery Will Give You Perfect Eyesight. Forever.

Don't want to wear glasses anymore? And not too keen on laser surgery to give you 20/20 vision? A new eye lens that's currently in development might just give us vision that's better than 20/20.

An optometrist from British Columbia has developed a new lens that will give you vision that's three times greater than 20/20.

This is The Reason Why Apple Keeps Making Gold-Colored Products

The reason Apple keeps making gold-colored products? It's for the Chinese market. Tim Cook told the Chinese-version of Bloomberg Businessweek in its June 17 issue that the company does this because that's the color Chinese consumers love so much.

Samsung's Safety Truck Could Make Road Safety Much Better [VIDEO]

Samsung developed a solution to make the problem of overtaking a truck on a single lane on a road a whole lot safer. This actually makes sense, and should trucks install this? Definitely, we think! Check it out below:
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