Check Out The KeySmart 2.0 [VIDEO]

KeySmart's latest is for anyone who finds the traditional key ring too bulky and cumbersome. It utilizes a Swiss Army-style design which each key can be tucked in for a slim profile and flipped out when needed.

What Would a Scientifically Accurate Sonic the Hedgehog Be Like?

What if Sonic the Hedgehog were real. It would be funny but also really, really gross. Watch the video below after the break but be warned: you'll never see Sonic in the same way ever again.

Not Getting Enough Sleep Could Form Fake Memories

According to new research, your memories could become distorted, especially when you're sleep deprived. And it is not the good kind of memories either.

The researchers experimented with participants by showing them pictures of crime being committed after pulling an all-nighter.

Harvard Students Invent Microwavable Spray Cake Batter [VIDEO]

Here's an important invention we should all take note off: microwavable spray cake batter. Two college students invented the easiest and most effortless way to bake. All you have to do is spray the batter out of the cake into a dish and cook. Or microwave it. Brilliant:

Playing an Instrument Can Greatly Benefit Your Brain [VIDEO]

Playing an instrument requires some skills, but it also does a lot to your brain. Anita Collins goes on to explain what happens in musicians' brains when they play and examines some of the long-term positive effects of the mental workout. Watch it in the video below:

Scientists Successfully Removed HIV Virus From Human DNA [VIDEO]

The fight against HIV is progressing. We're slowly getting close to beating it. The Temple University School of Medicine used a DNA snipping enzyme called Cas9 to cut out the virus. This is the first attempt to remove the HIV-1 virus from human cells and it was successful.

Does Size Matter? According to Science Yes

Penis size has always been a topic for men, with them thinking that the larger and longer the better. This ASAP science video uncovers everything you need to know about your member, and how size actually affects things, though, not every opposite member of the sex cares about it. Check it out:

Scientists Have No Idea How Tylenol Works [VIDEO]

Here's the odd thing: Tylenol works but despite its effectiveness, scientists still don't know what makes it work inside of us. They only have theories. Isn't that scary? Check it out:

Apple's 80s Fashion Clothing Line Was The Worst Thing They Did

Steve Jobs got fired in the 80s, and a strange thing happened at Apple when he was not around. They decided to make the gadgets everyone thought was cool, they would have to make matching clothing too. In 1986, they released what was called "The Apple Collection".

Is MPLS Dead?

Technologies have come and gone throught the last 100 years, even ones that are reliable, and widely used. Has Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) reached that point? Is MPLS heading down the same path as all these other technologies? MPLS may not be on its deathbed yet, but it is facing some heavy competition from its competition. Some industry leaders are suggesting that within five years, a good portion of MPLS traffic will have moved to alternative systems. 

10 Reasons Why You'll Want This Waterproof Phone

It's hard to decide which phone to get if you're in the market for a new one. There's just too many to choose from these days. If you take a step back and look at them from a different point of view, you'll realize they're all pretty much similar. How about choosing something with the most practical protection: a waterproof phone.

Is It Love? Or Is It Lust? The Answer Lies in Our Eye Movements

New research is suggesting that where your date is looking can indicate whether they are assessing you as a romantic partner. Or if they are just looking for a fun time in the sack.

The new study was published in Psychological Science, and it tracked participants' eye movements when shown non-erotic images of attractive people of the opposite sex. They found that there are visual patterns that concentrate on a stranger's face if the viewer saw the person as a potential romantic partner.

Paper Folded in Half 103 Times is as thick as the Universe [VIDEO]

It is difficult to keep folding paper in half. The reason for that: there's no paper big enough. The hypothetical though: if you fold paper 103 times, the thickness of it will be larger than the observable universe - which is 93 billion light years.

"The Aliens vs. Football Stars" Second Half Match is Here [VIDEO]

Messi, Ronaldo, Götze star in the #GALAXY11 team as they dribble their way to save our planet Earth from aliens. Pretty lame, but worth a watch. Check it out:

JIBO Is The World’s First Family Robot [VIDEO]

Jibo is the world's first family robot. It will be a constant part of your life and will take care of all things digital for you. Check out the crowd-funding page at MyJibo.com and watch the video after the jump:

Amazon's Fire Phone Has Its First Ad and it is all about Content [VIDEO]

Amazon has rolled out its first ad for the Fire Phone, which places heavy emphasis on Amazon's content. It features a woman in her 30s who overhears two kids chatting at a cafe.

"So what you got on deck?" one kid asks. "Skyfall, Lean In and Pinterest," says one. "You?"

Guy Makes Vertical Videos Actually Look Really Good [VIDEO]

The rule of thumb when shooting a video on your smartphone is to never shoot it in vertically. Portrait orientation makes terrible videos. Dan Toth, however, reimagined the vertical video and made it amazing.

Google's Analytic App for iOS

Google has released a Google Analytics app for iOS which would allow users to access all their Google Analytics web and app data via their mobile device. Check out some screenshots below:

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