Super Cool Nerd Builds Life-Sized Phone-Controlled BB-8

What if you could build your own phone-controlled BB-8 droid? This one super nerd did it and the results are cooler than expected. Check it out in the video below:

You're Looking At a "Wearable Chair" That Lets You Sit While Standing

What if you could sit without actually sitting? Imagine a chair that's actually wearable. The 'Archelis' is that type of chair. Planned and produced by Japanese company Nitto alongside the collaboration with Chiba University's Frontier Medical Engineering Center, the wearable chair will strap onto your legs, allowing the chair to move along with you.

Facebook Has a Secret Game of Chess Inside Messenger

Instead of just messaging, here's a super simple chat-based text game you can play inside Facebook messenger. All you have to do is type out some commands, and you'll be seeing the game available.

Here's how it works: The command to start the game is @fbchess play.

Smartphone and Data Wars Continue. Celcom Takes The Lead With 10GB + 5GB

Data is becoming more important to phone users, and it's no surprise, people want more. And if that's the case, it looks like Celcom now takes the lead with the most competitive and best offering out there. The telco introduces its latest plan offerings along with its latest feature called NewPhone, which will allow customers to exchange their devices to new models anytime if you're the type to 'chase tech.' Check it out below:

What Does The Future Hold For Car Tyre Technology?

Let's face it; tyres aren't an exciting car-related topic to talk about. From afar, the look of one tyre is no different to another. Their sole purpose is to keep you safe on the road. So, I believe that reason alone is one why tyres are a good topic of discussion!

Try These 6 Science Experiments With Your Kids

Instead of using the iPad or bringing your kid to the mall this weekend, how about trying out some fun and exciting easy-to-do science projects with them? You don't need much, and you'll likely find the ingredients you need at home already. Check it out:

You Might Be Able To Stream Live 360 Video on YouTube Soon

360 video is immersive, and incredible. So what will happen if YouTube starts letting people stream live videos of that kind? Sounds like we might just get more interesting content in the future to come. There's no date just yet, and it's really 'people who are familiar with the matter' only, but it's still a start.

Better Than VPN For Apple TV

The frustrating part about streaming from your favorite sites is getting geo-locked out of it. Even certain YouTube videos aren’t allowed in certain regions. While that may be a bummer, there are other ways to access content from geographically-locked locations.

What Some Of The Most Popular Sites Looked Like Before and Now

Can you remember how some of your most popular and favorite sites looked like when it first launched? Here's taking a look back at the year they came out, versus now. Basically, they look entirely different! And much better too! What a difference, design makes!

5 Bizarre Facts That Are Explained by Science

Science has proven a number of things and knowing the reasoning behind some of them can help you make sense out of things. From attraction to what our brains love and more, here are 5 interesting facts that science has proven.

Indonesian Man Created a Bionic Arm Out of Junk. Is The Real Iron Man

Looks like you don't need billions to be Tony Stark creating an Iron Man suit. Wayan Sumardana made a bionic arm out of scrap metal. Driven by poverty and desperation, he built it to help him work again to support his family.

There is a Link That Can Crash Your iPhone

There is a link being circulated out there right now and it has crashed thousands of iPhones. If you see the link for CRASHSAFARI.COM, do not click on it! When you visit the website, it will load for a moment, and then it will crash Safari if you're running on an iPhone 6S or 5S running on iOS version 9.2.1 or on a regular iPhone running iOs 9.2.

This is Why Plane Windows Are Oval

Ever wondered why plane windows are not square, but in oval shape? In 1952, the world’s first commercial jetliner killed many people because of the square windows. Check out the long answer in the video below:

This is What a Heartbreak Looks Like According to Fitbit

We know how a heartbreak feels like but what does it look like? Koby Soto knows, and has data to share.  He was having a tough day when his S.O. decided to end things over the phone. It was a traumatic experience for him but when he checked his Fitbit later that day, it revealed how his heart rate skyrocketed.

There Might Be a New 9th Planet in Our Solar System

Before the invention of the telescope, the world only knew of 6 planets aside from Earth, all the way to Saturn. But as technology and time progressed, we managed to see further in to the galaxy and now, there's a hypothesis that there might be another one past Pluto.

Science Reveals The Foods That Make Men Great in Bed

The food we eat affects our overall health and well-being, and it can also impact how our sex lives will perform. Science has now revealed that it may influence a whole bunch of things, like whether or not we'll get erectile dysfunction.

This Robot Tailor Will Make You The Perfect Suit

If you're an adult, you definitely need a bespoke suit. No, not something from the racks of H&M and Topshop. But from an actual tailor who will take your measurements and make a suit that will fit you like a glove. Now this robot tailor wants to do that in less than 10 seconds. 11 rules to remember when you are wearing a suit.

This Music Video Was Shot Entirely On Smartphones

Kochi band 4th Hue just released a beautiful music video for their new single, “Be.Here.Now.” Shot by photographer Ajay Menon, he used two smartphones to fit the band's music with the ambient surroundings.
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