Game of Thrones' Latest Episode Created The Ultimate "Come At Me, Bro"

Obviously, there are some spoilers in the post below, so move away if you haven't caught the latest episode of Game of Thrones this week. The latest, was visually spectacular to say the least. It also featured some real doom which we'll probably be seeing in more episodes to come.

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I'm not sure how I would react if this ever happened to me. This Indian hawker was busy cooking when he decided to crack open some eggs to fry. But his second egg onwards was just a surprise.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 02, 2015 19:31
If this has happened to you before, you're not alone. It happens to everyone, and Asap Science explains the phenomenon, which is probably validation to you that it's okay to be a dick to everyone you meet.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 02, 2015 17:53
Shia LaBeouf has become the Internet's mascot for motivation. Many parodies have been made since his video surfaced. Now, he's in 2001: A Space Odyssey, demanding a 'yes you can' but never getting it.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 02, 2015 17:44
There are a lot of things most people don't even know about their own boobs. Here's some 17 pieces of trivia you can scroll through to learn a little more about those lady lumps you have. Check it out below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 02, 2015 17:40
Rolling up sleeves seem like the easiest thing to do ever, but you have no idea just how many people get it wrong. So from now on, follow this video guide below, and banish your old ways to the past and never repeat them again.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 02, 2015 16:01
Emily Ratajkowski, the weekly slayer of Instagram, just posted another update this week. Basically, it's the kind of thing most people would avoid doing because, who the heck brings their phone into the bath tub? Emily did.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 02, 2015 16:01
Korean and Japanese makeup styles are very different from one another. For instance, the Korean makeup style emphasizes on straight eyebrows, attention to lips, bright skin with little or no blush at all. The Japanese makeup styles on the other hand focuses on soft and matte skin, and more focus on blush color on cheeks with a softer lighter pink lip color.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 02, 2015 15:46
Or badass? Whichever it is, there's one thing we know for sure: Tom Hardy doesn't give AF about what you think. His Myspace account is proof of all of that. And even though it no longer exists, these pics still do!  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 02, 2015 15:26
Most K-pop stars don't have overtly large busts. Dispatch has recently released a list of female stars with the best figures, with respect to their cleavage. Check out the list below and see if you agree:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 02, 2015 15:26
Cats can be handsome, or pretty. But these ones here aren't just that. They are the best looking ones ever! Probably because they're also women cosplaying as cats. But who would have thought that humans can be pretty attractive in cat costumes too. Check out the gallery for more:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 02, 2015 15:26
Seeing a super star on the streets can have some what of an overwhelming effect on a person. Some people get so excited they scream. Some just want to rush to their phones to capture the whole moment. Most times, we're all just too shocked to say anything. This reaction is how all of us would normally react.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 02, 2015 14:10
Serious contender to the title of 'best father ever' and 'most adorable daddy ever,' David Beckham just made more hearts melt by doing what he does best: being a dad. The latest: he taught his daughter how to ride a bike!  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 02, 2015 14:10
If you thought E.L. James was done writing really horrible books, you're absolutely wrong. And if you thought she'd at least venture into something else, you're way off point, because she just announced there will be another Fifty Shades book coming out and it will be from Christian Grey's perspective.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 02, 2015 14:01
Season 5 of Game of Thrones features a wardrobe change for the Queen who wants to rule it all. The mother of dragons went from a hot blue outfit in season 4 to wearing a cape in season 5. And this is everything, because there is nothing else she should wear from now on.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 02, 2015 13:55
Cosmetic upgrades is part of a very popular culture in places like South Korea. Because looking good is serious money, the country has become a hot spot for medical tourism, which is 2012 alone, raked in $453,000,000. Check out some of the before and after pics, showing off their prowess in the art of cosmetic enhancement:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 02, 2015 13:55
Here are some pretty simple and easy car hacks you can do yourself to solve some of the minor problems and kinks you may experience. Check out the list below for more. Pretty useful!  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 02, 2015 13:37
Windows 10 is going to be the next big thing coming from Microsoft and it'll be a change from the usual, boring, operating system we've been using all this while. Coming in July, it'll be a free upgrade too. Check out the 10 feature highlights below:  Read more
TECH NEWS  Jun 02, 2015 13:25
Remember this video from yesterday? A man showed off a spider crawling out of his ear? It turns out, it was all a hoax, made by Hollywood effects expert Bruce Branit. What a prank, he played on us all.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 02, 2015 13:24
Love is gone! At least, just the locks on Paris's Pont des Arts bridge. Hundreds of thousands of love-locks placed there by couples demonstrating their eternal connection has been cleared by authorities.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 02, 2015 13:24
Here are the aliens that want to take over our world in the future. The Xcom 2 trailer is out and it shows off a dystopian future, as usual, and our continuing fight with an alien race. Predictable story line but interesting graphics. Check it out below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 02, 2015 13:24
Ready for Tuesday? If you aren't, here are some 11 women who are! The week has only just begun, and it's about to get busier, as usual. Take a break with the gallery after the jump. Check it out!  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 02, 2015 13:24
How do you make money while doing the things you love? 30-year-old Wang Gang of Xi'an, China spent a lot of money on online gaming, but soon found a way to turn his hobby into a cash cow.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 02, 2015 13:07
We've seen Ellie Goulding in a bikini before, and we like what we see. And we know, Ellie Goulding knows it too. And she loves being in one too. So much so that she decided to be in one again. And she's sharing all of that with you once more.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 02, 2015 13:07
How do you play tennis in absolute style? Well, first, you have to wear the right clothes. They need to fit. They need to look good on you. Then you can start to accessorize. Headband, wristband, shoes, etc. Rafael Nadal took it a step further.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jun 02, 2015 12:56
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