At the age of 40, the body starts to go through changes. This is true for both men and women. Following this age, there is a higher risk of certain conditions. Since there might still be decades to look forward to, keeping on top of your own health becomes critical once you hit this age. Whether you are looking to meet a couple of Arabian singles to spend your golden years with, or already have someone special in your life – taking care of your health can ensure you are able to care for yourself well into your senior years. 

1. Be Wary of What You Eat

Whether already in a stable relationship, looking to meet single middle eastern men (or women), or preferring to enter the golden years single, what a person eats make an impact on their overall health. There are so many diets out there today that it can be hard to know what exactly to eat. Certain types of food can cause an increase in bad cholesterol and ultimately affect the heart, brain, and other areas of the body. Diabetes and obesity become important factors to consider here, as well. 

2. Avoid Exposure to Empty Calories

Empty calories essentially mean eating food that adds to a person's daily caloric consumption but does not offer them any type of nutrition that their body needs to stay healthy. This ultimately contributes to obesity, which can bring about a whole new range of problems. Some examples of foods that are considered empty calories include cake, soda, ice cream, candy, and cookies. 

3. Focus on Improving Heart Health

Heart attacks are much more common among older adults compared to the younger population. This makes it crucial for a person to ensure they care for their heart as they grow older. Diet is important here. Alcohol consumption should ideally be limited, and there should not be too much sodium in a person’s diet. Limiting added sugars and unhealthy fats, as well as refined foods, is also important. 

4. Get Your Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial for overall well-being and can actually help to fight against many conditions that are common among older people. It has been found that optimal levels of omega-3 fatty acids can help to improve brain health, as well as eye health. These fatty acids also improve heart health and help to reduce symptoms of depression. 

5. A Daily Exercise Routine

Exercise is important for overall well-being, and even at this age, it is important not to overlook the importance of a daily exercise routine. This helps to keep the metabolism active and can help to provide improvements in mood. Exercising also helps to keep bones and muscle mass healthy while also reducing the risk of obesity. 

6. Take on a Strength Training Program

Do not overlook the importance of strength training. When a person hits 40, they shouldn't stop with weight lifting and only focus on yoga and running. Strength training helps to keep muscle mass at an optimal level, which also benefits the bones. 

7. Get More Calcium

While we are on the topic of bones, it is also crucial to ensure you get enough calcium into your body. There are many ways to ensure an adequate intake of calcium. Drinking milk is one idea. Many vegetables contain high amounts of calcium as well. The alternative is to use a supplement. 

8. Try to Reduce Stress

Stress causes cortisol. While acute levels of stress can be beneficial, too much stress can be harmful to your health. It is critical to reducing stress at this particular age. Try breathing exercises, take a run, or give meditation a go. 

9. Add More Protein to Your Diet

Many people over 40 fail to realize the importance of protein in their diet. Protein does not only help to promote healthier muscles, but also provides an improvement in brain health and could even be helpful for maintaining a more positive mood. Try eggs, quinoa, spinach, and fish. 

10. Have a Regular Checkup

Lastly, it is important not to skip on a regular checkup with a physician. Even when nothing seems to be wrong, detecting a problem when it is at an early stage tend to result in a more successful and less invasive treatment. 


At the age of 40, you start entering your golden years, but without taking extra care of the human body, this age can come with a number of potential issues. For those entering these years, following the tips that were shared in this post provides an improvement in overall well-being and could even help to extend the person’s lifespan in the end.