The findings of a small study published in the Lancet medical journal have found that introducing stem cells derived from a heart attack patient's own heart can help to reduce scarring and regenerate healthy cardiac tissue.

Scar tissue stemming from heart attacks tend to weaken the muscle, preventing it from functioning as well as before. This pioneering stem-cell procedure could help in cutting the effects of that damage by half. More from Medical Express
Patients who underwent the stem cell procedure demonstrated a significant reduction in the size of the scar left on the heart muscle by a heart attack. Patients also experienced a sizable increase in healthy heart muscle following the experimental stem cell treatments.

One year after receiving the stem cell treatment, scar size was reduced from 24 percent to 12 percent of the heart in patients treated with cells (an average drop of about 50 percent). Patients in the control group, who did not receive stem cells, did not experience a reduction in their heart attack scars.