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In today’s busy and stressful life, people as young as 25 years of age experience hair loss and a receding hair line. Apart from stress, there are several other reasons like an unhealthy lifestyle, stress, irregular sleep pattern, illness, medications and hereditary hair loss. This causes people to become introverted, withdrawn and lose their self-confidence. But in advanced levels of hair loss where PRP is not an option, then a hair transplant procedure can be someone’s saving grace.  Read more
BEAUTY TIPS  Jul 31, 2020 13:43
Any pain that lasts for more than three months without responding to any treatment can be termed as chronic pain. This happens when your body fails to stop sending pain messages to your brain, despite the source of the original pain being gone.   Read more
HEALTH TIPS  Jul 30, 2020 23:38
CBD is a short form of Cannabidiol. It is a chemical compound from a plant called Cannabis Sativa, which is also known as MarijuanaMarijuana. Marijuana is a psychoactive drug that is used for both recreational and medical purposes. You can find the best CBD with melatonin for the health repair  Read more
HEALTH TIPS  Jul 30, 2020 02:02
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