Navel piercing is one of the hottest trends going for women ages 16-30, with many older women having their navels pierced as well. The popularity of navel piercing and navel rings is mostly due to celebs like Brittany Spears, who shimmied around the stage in a crop top with a sparkling jewel winking at the audience from her navel.

If you are considering navel piercing, here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. Only let a professional piercer do the job! You want to be sure that the navel piercing is done correctly, with proper sterilization and gauge of the needle. This ensures that your navel piercing will be the right size for navel jewelry and is done safely as well.
  2. Keep your hands clean whenever you touch the area. Use a non-drying soap to keep the area clean and a antibacterial topical ointment or cream to help it heal
  3. Don't wear tight clothing such as jeans or pantyhose until the navel piercing has healed. This could cause serious irritation, as well as to cause the navel ring post to break and fall out.
  4. Don't go swimming or use a hot tub until the piercing has healed. Though the water in pools and spas is treated, you can still get an infection if you have just had your navel pierced.
  5. Clean the pierced area carefully after exercising. Perspiration can irritate the piercing and can even cause infection.
  6. Expect a navel piercing to take anywhere from four months to a year to completely heal. You will have to be very cautious with your piercing for at least four months, though most professional piercers recommend that you be cautious and not wear any tight clothing for six months.
  7. Always make sure your clothing is clean. This may sound obvious, but it's common to wear the same nightgown or pj�s several times between washings. You will not want to do this until your navel has healed, though, to make sure you don't risk an infection.

Navel piercings are quite sexy and when done correctly can be a lot of fun. The chief thing to keep in mind is to only have it done by a professional who knows what they are doing and can give you proper care instructions. Some states require that professional piercers be licensed, so you may want to check into what your state regulations are and be certain that anyone you're considering do your navel piercing meets them. After all, you want your navel not only to look great, but to feel great as well.