Female body piercings used to be limited to the earlobes. Not so anymore. These days, body piercing is one of the hottest trends around, and the possibilities are endless. Before piercing any part of your body, though, you want to know the types and the care involved.

Ear Piercing
Ear Piercing is still the most common of female body piercings. There are many places you can go to have your ears pierced by professionals, including many jewelry stores.

The main thing you will want to do is to be certain that all items involved with your ear piercing are totally sterilized. Don't let anyone pierce your ears with a piercing gun, as piercing guns cannot be adequately cleaned and can spread diseases such as Hepatitis and HIV. Follow the piercer's instructions as to caring for your newly pierced ears, and make sure to keep your earlobes clean.

Navel Piercing
This is a relatively new female body piercing in Western culture. Pop stars such as Britney Spears have made navel piercing popular among young women and girls.

When having your navel pierced, you, again, want to be sure that you have it performed by a qualified professional. It also takes quite a long time for a navel piercing to heal, so you want to be prepared to wear loose, clean clothing for several months to a year afterwards. You will also want to take great care to see that you keep the area clean to avoid infection.

Tongue Piercing
More and more young women are seeking to have their tongues pierced. After the tongue is pierced, a post with a backing is inserted and cannot be removed for several months. Tongue piercing is one that involves more attention, because it tongue rings and balls can come out when eating.

So if you have your tongue pierced, you will want to be careful when eating. You also want to check it often to make sure it's secure and won't come loose and be swallowed accidentally.

Nipple Piercing
Again, nipple piercing has become very one of the top female body piercings in the last five years. It must always be done by a professional and care taken to avoid irritation. It goes without saying that nipple piercings must be kept clean to avoid infection. So follow the care instructions your piercer provides very carefully.

Genital Piercing
More and more teens and young women are piercing various genital areas. These are quite safe when done correctly.

And that is key, in particular, to genital piercing. This must always be done by a professional piercer, using completely sanitary methods. Infection rates are higher for genital piercings, so keep the area as clean and irritation-free as possible.

Finally, it cannot be stressed enough that for any type of female body piercing, you need to have it done by a professional who uses only sterile instruments and techniques. Not only can scar tissue build up in the site of an infected piercing, but serious diseases can be spread through unsterilized piercing equipment.

So if you're considering female body piercings, take care to think carefully about not only where on your body you get the piercings, but where you go to get them.