23 April 2014


Creating a Windows 7-style Ubuntu Ubuntu's default desktop is clean, but not very Windows-like.To be completely honest, Ubuntu's default Unity desktop may be slick and pretty, but it isn’t the most configurable Linux environment around. The taskbars running the top and left sides of its screen are locked in place and can’t be moved whatsoever. Unity is still fairly flexible, however, and some basic—for Linux—tweaks can give it some of that old Windows 7 charm.
In 1913, a man named C.E. Inglis looked at a thin plate of glass (?) with an elliptical hole in the middle in a new and different way. Theoretically, the plate was infinitely large and the hole very small in comparison. The plate was pulled at both ends perpendicular to the ellipse.
7 Most Surprising Places You Will Find Linux!    Did you know that Linux milks cows, runs a motorcycle and makes coffee too?  Rate this news:   (1 Votes)Thursday, October 17, 2013:  Open source and specifically Linux isn't all about license or a coding methodology, it has already begun to sprout up everywhere apart from just your computer systems and applications. Here's a compilation of some of the more surprising places you'll find your beloved operating system. 
The famous showman P.T. Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Sadly, there are just as many people who want to take advantage of them.
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 15 — An academic and a religious scholar reacted with incredulity today towards the Court of Appeal’s ruling that the word “Allah” was exclusive to Muslims, saying the decision was un-Islamic and portrayed Malaysia as “stupid”.
Do you know how to constuct it miracle structure?
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Do not make your mother angry else you will face the consequences:Firstly, she took a lot of her own pictures with variety of expression
Over the years, we've seen countless of videos and reports about nightmarish monsters getting spotted doing monster things. Like, for example, this dragon was spotted flying over England. Or this mermaid-like creature which was spotted in Spain. Or this 18-foot creature which was found off the shore of California.
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