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Maintaining a clean interior is important for any car owner because it will influence the health of the passengers.    Dirty interior environments in cars can pose a serious health risk for the owners and passengers because they could harbor dangerous bacteria and germs that will determine the apparition of allergies and other health problems.     Even if you do not see it dirt is present in the form of a small particle of dust, spores, bacteria, dandruff, dried dead skin and many others that can saturate the enclosed air in your car making it unhealthy.     Keeping wastes from food, drinks or any other kind will determine the apparition on colonies of mold, fungi, and bacteria that will create foul smells and bad quality of air.  If you try to prevent the contamination of your car's interior environment you will protect your loved ones and yourself from all these menaces.    If the air and the interior of the car are not properly maintained and cleaned and also the air conditioning system you and your passengers can develop illnesses.     Proper interior detailing can also protect from environmental damage the upholstery using adequate cleaning and protection products.  Cleaning the interior of your car is not difficult but some steps are important to assure that you do it well and all is cleaned and made allergen-free.  Interior detailing tools and chemicals    For interior cleaners, we might use different tools and equipment to do a proper job like vacuum and steam cleaners, microfiber towels and different professional cleaning products or even a car detailing kit.    To clean, freshen-up and protect your car's interior you will need professional cleaning products compatible with plastic, vinyl, leather, fabric, carpets, and glass.  Interior cleaning steps 1.Decluttering The first step in cleaning is decluttering the car and removing any unwanted objects, garbage and get out the floor mats to clean them. 2.Degreasing     As a second step, you can clean the floor mats first by rinsing them and after that by spraying them with a degreaser or an all-purpose cleaner and brushing them with a brush.     The fabric mats must be first vacuumed well and then sprayed with an upholstery cleaner.     Then with a carpet and upholstery brush, you will agitate and get out all the debris and dirt and wipe to remove all the excess with a microfiber towel leaving the mats clean.  3.Vacuuming    In the third step, you must vacuum the car interior thoroughly even under the seats and in all the tight spaces and folds of the seats and air vents.  To get in all little cramped spaces you can use along with the specialized accessories of the vacuum a brush for dusting making sure you work from top to bottom. 4.Dusting  For the air vents along with the vacuum cleaner accessories, you can use a cyber-clean cleaning compound that is an antiseptic gel that molds on any surface.   Read more
CAR NEWS  Nov 20, 2019 13:21
For someone who is always on the go, your four-wheeler is probably the place where you spent most of your time next to your home, of course. This makes your car safety and cleanliness two of the most relevant aspects to take care of. In reality, however, you do not have to be particularly a car enthusiast or an adventurer to take proper care of your car.   Read more
CAR NEWS  Nov 16, 2019 16:05
Riding a motorcycle for the first time is almost as exciting as the day you pass your test. That’s the day you get complete freedom and when you need to get to your local bike sales store and choose the right bike for your needs.  Read more
CAR NEWS  Nov 08, 2019 14:33
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