With a whole bunch of data flying directly at us at the speed of constant, we're easily distracted. But the good news is that we can train our brains to be more focused and productive by improving our emotional balance.

According to Harvard Business Review, Dr Paul Hammerness and Margaret Moore, negative emotions sabotage our brain's ability to solve problems and ignore distractions. Positive emotions on the other hand actually improve the brain's executive functio.

Researcher Barbara Fredrickson of University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill recommends a 3-to-1 "positivity ratio" for life-changing benefits. (Test your positivity ratio with Fredrickson's two-minute quiz.)
You can tame negative emotional frenzy by exercising, meditating, and sleeping well. It also helps to notice your negative emotional patterns. Perhaps a coworker often annoys you with some minor habit or quirk, which triggers a downward spiral. Appreciate that such automatic responses may be overdone, take a few breaths, and let go of the irritation.

What can your team do? Start meetings on positive topics and some humor. The positive emotions this generates can improve everyone's brain function, leading to better teamwork and problem solving.
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