Here Are The Rich Dogs of Instagram

We've seen all kinds of Instagram accounts of the rich and famous, from the Rich Kids of [insert country] to another and more. But who cares. Because here are the Rich Dogs of Instagram. And it is a whole lot better than humans! Check out some of the best we've seen from their account:

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The Verge invited Bill Gates to talk about some of the predictions he has on technology and how it will dramatic change our lives in the next 15 years. They picked a couple of interesting topics to talk about. Check out the video below:  Read more
TECH NEWS    Feb 28, 2015 14:47
Love is blind, and you'll believe that even more when you scroll down this list, since most of the couples paired here don't seem to match each other in terms of hotness. The difference is too disparate! Check it out!  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 28, 2015 12:28
Did you know you can make ice cream in a bag? Sounds like a great trick to learn. Check out the video showing you how. Plus it doesn't look too hard either.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 28, 2015 12:28
We often love to watch brilliant stream of red carpet events that are filled with elegance, and some celebrities go beyond our expectations. This year, more and more revealing dresses strike as much as some weird dresses. And, while others are busy making #DressGate2015 a trend, we have listed down 8 dresses which we find very revealing during this year's red carpet events.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 28, 2015 12:28
Chanel has been one of the famous brand all over the world, and it symbolizes as elegance, and simplicity by women. Check out some of the hidden facts about Chanel after the jump:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 28, 2015 12:28
Here's an invention we need if we want to get our dumplings faster. From the makers of the prawn canon, this is the next step: the dumpling canon. Check out how it works in the video below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 28, 2015 12:27
It's a sad day today with news that Leonard Nimoy has passed away. The cause was end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. You will be missed, Spock. Here's a tribute to the actor:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 28, 2015 12:27
No one likes a hangover. It's a reminder you had too much fun that didn't end up being fun later in the morning. It's also a reminder you're getting old since your body can't metabolize alcohol as good as when you were younger.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 27, 2015 17:26
Michael Keaton went on the Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon had him act out 'Birdman' scenes as written by elementary school kids. The result was super hilarious. Watch it below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 27, 2015 17:05
You've got to give folks in China some credit. In the past, they were copying everything badly. They couldn't get it right. Then they started blatantly copying design but leaving the details out. Now they've taken it a step further with their fake iPhone 6. It's almost perfect.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 27, 2015 16:57
Luvian is a bombshell and she's only 23-years-old. The Chinese model isn't just stunning, she might just be the Asian version of Kate Upton or Charlotte McKinney. Check out the hottest Instagrams we've found of her below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 27, 2015 16:55
We waste a lot of food, and sometimes it's because we forget we had them in our homes. To avoid throwing stuff away, you can try these 16 brilliant food hacks to help you keep, revive or even make the most of the foods you have at home.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 27, 2015 16:29
A new year, a new you. Every beginning of the year, resolutions are made by many, but not all are kept or stuck to. Sometimes we go astray, and sometimes it's just because we don't really have a lot of discipline. But if you want to be a better you, we suggest starting with some basics before setting lofty goals. Here are some suggestions:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 27, 2015 16:29
The space race is not over just yet. Already there are talks of going to Mars and setting up a colony there. The privately funded Mars One mission aims to have mankind permanent set up a space colony ten years from now in 2025.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 27, 2015 14:25
Are these cats mad, angry, or do they just hate humans or the camera? We can't decide. One thing's for sure is they don't look very happy to be cuddled, touched or even bothered with. But does that mean we should just leave them alone? Probably not. Check out the gallery below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 27, 2015 14:25
If Elon Musk's idea becomes a reality, travel is going to get really interesting and very fast. His Hyperloop idea was taken on by Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, a crowdfunded company that is gearing up to launch a test track as soon as next year.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Feb 27, 2015 14:00
What color is this dress? This image is going around the Internet right now and some people are seeing white and gold, or black and blue. So which is it? According to Photoshop's eyedropper tool, it's both!  Read more
TECH NEWS  Feb 27, 2015 13:23
Kanye West has made his apology to Beck for crapping on him for winning best album at the Grammys. So we can finally move on and stop hating him till the next time he craps on someone else.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 27, 2015 13:16
Kim Kardashian may require attention to breathe but there's one thing you can't deny: she's got more followers on Instagram than you. It's so many that it's larger than the population of some countries! She dedicated this picture for the person that became her 27 millionth follower:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 27, 2015 13:16
Some names are sexy sounding, some are not. But this list of world's sexiest names sound a tad dubious. Created by it seems a name ending in a vowel works the best. Here's a list of the ten sexiest names for each gender.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 27, 2015 13:09
Vanessa Hudgens' Instagram account is pretty boring. There are a lot of selfies, and most of them are just normal. And normal is boring. But it looks like she's upping the ante. She just went on vacation in New Zealand and decided to share these pictures on Instagram.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 27, 2015 13:09
There are some pictures which are just plain wrong. And you can almost immediately tell from looking at it. Here are 15 examples of those times. Check them out in the list below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 27, 2015 13:09
Margot Robbie is super attractive, and then she became super famous after she starred alongside Wolf of Wall Street playing Leonardo DiCaprio's wife in the film. But the blonde bombshell didn't get the job because of her looks. She got it by slapping Leo.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 27, 2015 13:09
Remember how there was a plan to make Jem and the Holograms a live-action movie? So this is really happening. Universal just released the first-look photo from the movie. It will open on October 23. Here it is:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 27, 2015 12:34
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