1.Make sure your website are as simple as it can. Remember that simple is good because there are a lot of adult were searching for your website then we love simple things. so make sure the design is simple and cool. There is no need for flash or massive design add on for starter its gonna make your website much slower then it should be.

2.Ease of navigation. This is important for a webmaster's to know because most of the failure website's were not thinking about this, so instead of categorizing the topic's they simply put everything under 1 subject and that's not cool. it is possibly the main reason why users that clicked the website just exit as fast as they can, because when the website look's like no where to go but [x] then they only will click on [x] so isn't it better to categorize the article's on the website so that when user's go inside, they will saw something they needed and click it.

3.Clear contact. Most of the time you would want your user's to contact you via email or phone for business discussion so this is important to make sure that your contact button and contact form are easy to find and make sure the product you offer sound's promising and unique so that your user will click your contact button.

4.Broken links. ever wondered when we use the search engine and click for something we search for but it appear that the things we were looking for was there but not anymore and how disappointing is that so make sure your website don't have any broken links because probably users that click 1 broken links are not going to visit again because any website that have broken links means they did not maintained the website and that did not sound promising at all, that sound more like an amateur website or scamming website's.

5.Browsers. Make sure you have the top 10 web browsers and tested your website on every browsers you have and look for error, make sure all browser were available to read your content because once users found error they may never visit again unless you have something like (this website is best view with mozilla firefox and chrome, Ie users please change your web browser) but still the best way is to make sure that your website is compatible every single web browser.

6.Make sure your website is Search Engine friendly, you can check my post before this about SEO for perfect full guide that normally you need to pay to get that kind of information.